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What’s Involved

Blackdown UK - Corporate training with maps

Blackdown UK – Corporate training with maps

Get Your Team Motivated

Great leaders excel because of their ability to create and motivate teams. Napolean won virtually all of his early campaigns, partly because he believed he could win the battles at hand, however, it’s important to note he didn’t win them on his own.

Napolean had 78 mantras he used to guide him into battle, one of them was “When you have resolved to fight a battle, collect your whole force. Dispense with nothing. A single battalion sometimes decides the day”

He used this to motivate all of his forces, to ensure they were engaged in the battle and they all had the common goal of winning. The result, they were very successful.

Using Napoleon as an example, successful businesses have a motivated, energised team where team members understand their role and are driven to project delivery.

By understanding your company and team strategies we will develop a programme based on military strategies to re-engage and motivate your people.

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