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  • Disney XD

    Eva Culhane

    Production Co-ordinator

    Thank you so much, we were all very impressed with the professionalism of your team and the execution of the day, but not only that … you were all super fun too! It certainly made the freezing cold day a lot more bearable to be working with such great people. We’re definitely looking to work with you again and we look forward to when our paths will cross soon.

    Eva Culhane, Production Coordinator, Goalmouth – Disney XD

  • Lisa - Blackdown testimonial Prepared PR

    Lisa Smith


    “As a communicator I know how vital it is that staff within a company talk to each other to ensure they work together. We all know all too often this doesn’t happen but companies I have recommended to BLACKDOWN UK have found a huge difference in the way staff work and managers manage after just a few hours experiencing this unique team building exercise. It is informative, fun and it works and that is down to the staff and their ability to get you thinking and working together without even thinking about it”

  • Sean McManus having a great day at Blackdown UK Corporate Training National

    Sean McManus

    Freelance Journalist

    “It’s a lot of fun storming buildings with guns and mastering basic survival, but it’s not just about the adrenaline. It’s all about the team building and leadership skills that the armed forces can teach, you finish the day exhausted and thrilled, and with some key learnings you can take back to the office”

  • BSkyB

    Keith Martin

    Director of Marketing

    “…and now for something completely different, we had a very enjoyable day in a unique environment. “The team were good fun, accommodating, and focused on meeting our needs. Ben took our business needs into the day and worked the activities around them. We had two days with BLACKDOWN UK, one being senior management and the other a three hour exercise in Richmond Park with a team of 35. We covered some realistic military scenarios and took the communication and change learnings into the work environment”

  • Becky - Blackdown testimonial Chronicle & Echo

    Rebekah Smith

    Senior Reporter

    “I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day with the BLACKDOWN UK team. Filled with completely new and exciting experiences you rarely get chance to try, it’s certainly something I would jump at the chance to do again. Before BLACKDOWN UK, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that after a team building day. The guys’ knowledge is impressive and their enthusiasm infectious. Employers should definitely consider this military-style team building. It’s sure to be a morale booster for employees, and a day well-spent for everyone”

  • Martin Warillow having a great day at Blackdown UK Corporate Training National

    Martin Warrillow

    Freelance Journalist

    “My day with BLACKDOWN UK was hugely enjoyable. They got me doing things I had never done before and things I no longer thought myself capable of! Their military expertise means you really want to listen to them and they know how to tailor the action to the level of their customers. An unforgettable experience. There were plenty of moments during a day at BLACKDOWN UK when the skills needed to be a soldier really came home to me. Perseverance, confidence in your colleagues and above all, teamwork. If your organisation is looking for a team-building day which will improve all these qualities, look no further than BLACKDOWN UK”

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