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International Teams

Managing a team to be focussed on your company’s goals and motivated to deliver the strategy is difficult, add the fact many companies are now operating on a global basis out of many locations and you have higher risk of disjointed teams.

Interacting with different cultures, time zones and business leaders now requires our people to adopt and implement a new set of skills. Bringing your people together in large or small groups and exposing them to new skills and challenges in a neutral safe environment will form friendships and expose personalities and ways of working in a friendly and relaxed way. By understanding how each other perform, work and approach challenges inspires confidence in each other’s abilities. It also builds trust, a critical behaviour for high performing teams.

We create a nurturing environment that encourages freedom of idea’s that’s fun and informative so every team member can show their personalities and express their ideas.

With our scenarios and tactical military challenges we deliver excellent results for the international team.

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