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High Achievers

Do your people relentlessly push the boundaries, consistently hit their targets and excel for your business daily in a high-pressure environment? Not only do we offer corporate team building, we also have an excellent reputation for corporate hospitality and providing fun, exciting and memorable ways to reward and thank your people, suppliers and clients, making them feel valued and showing their achievements and efforts have been recognised.

Having the opportunity to experience a true set of survival, pistol, and military tactical skills guarantees a memorable day for your clients and staff. These days are all about having fun, learning something new and creating lasting memories with clients, suppliers or just as a way to say thank you to your people.

With former Special Forces professionals leading the group, they will be more than happy to demonstrate some of the key skills they learnt and show you a few tricks of the trade too. If your interested you’ll even get a few ‘war stories’ thrown in to really set the scene, giving you the confidence to truly get involved.

Being outdoors in the woods brings a sense of freedom and energy to the day, and with excellent food and first-rate equipment it’s a popular way to reward teams that continuously work hard to perform for your business.

We also have a range of items available, which make very popular gifts at the end of the event.

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