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Business Benefits

Ben conducting a briefing session

Ben conducting a briefing session

Taking Training Back to the Office

The market is saturated with events companies that deliver team building corporate days, however there are very few companies that offer team building with a strategic approach like us, taking a consultative approach to identify the real problems you face so we can align the best team building programme to it. Therefore giving you measurable results at the end of the day and in the workplace.

Whether you are interested in a single day programme or a more strategic on-going set of team events, you have the option to truly understand the personalities within your team through a personal assessment tool called DISC. DISC identifies if you have a Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Conscientious profile and offers techniques to get the best out of the working styles on an individual basis and as a group. It’s a simple process where an online form is completed, followed by a feedback session with a trained coach. We work with you to design a programme that encompasses the DISC results.

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