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Latest News

  • CIMA event was a huge success

    Last night four members of the BLACKDOWN UK team took to the stage to demonstrate why they believe team building and leadership development is critical to every business and why the subject deserves a business strategy in its own right.??Download the presentation?Please note, the PDF is coppyright of BLACKDOWN UK.

    Speakers slot secured at the MBT Sports Conference

    March is going to be a busy month for BLACKDOWN UK. With the CIMA event already confirmed for the 20 Mar, they have been asked to speak at the annual MBT Sports Conference about the importance of team building. For more information and to book?click here

    The soldiers just keep on coming

    We’re happy to announce Danny is the latest ‘recruit’ to join the team. Danny has served for 11 years in the Special Forces and is now leading the Operations for the BLACKDOWN UK. One of Danny’s first tasks is to look through our exisiting programmes and see how we can make them better. He’s already […]

    Confirmed as speakers for CIMA Event

    We’ve been asked to host the next CIMA event on ‘How to encourage team builidng and leadership’ and we’ve got a big treat instore for the lucky attendees. We’re looking forward to the opportunity and hope to see you there. For more information and to book?click here

    Private Party held for Hatton Estate Owners

    Its not everyday we get asked to deliver a private party for the Hatton Estate. For a?‘Special’?birthday treat we made them assasins and got them to fire off a few rocket launchers for effect. We made such an impression Mrs. Arkwright is now the latest member of the team and has joined as a Company […]

    Gaming Vs Reality hits the market

    It’s nearly Christmas and we’re getting into the spirit of things by offering our Gaming vs Reality experience to all Groupon fans with up to a massive 57% off. With only five dates set aside book your places now. The dates are before Christmas but what a perfect way to treat someone and start the […]

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