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About Us

Blackdown UK HQ office sign

Blackdown UK HQ office sign

BLACKDOWN UK offers a blend of former UK Special Forces and business experience to deliver a unique, effective approach to?corporate team building.

We use military approaches, themes and training techniques to help businesses align their strategies with their people. We are an elite team with an elite offering.

We are different from other corporate team building companies because of our background and methodology, ensuring we give our clients activities that are strategic, measurable and stimulating. Our customers learn new skills, have fun and are encouraged in an environment where hierarchy is irrelevant.

BLACKDOWN UK was set up by Ben, then 32 years of age and former UK Special Forces. Fresh from tour he decided he wanted to combine his leadership skills from the military with his corporate experience working with blue chip companies as a Project Consultant. Ben is the Managing Director of the company.

Alongside the Directors, we also have an established team of Directing Staff that are required for delivery of our more bespoke events. We are proud to say all of our Directing Staff are former soldiers, either UK Special Forces or Marines.

Interested? Call us on 0845 371 1334

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